First year of Membership: 1972

"Leading a Club is not about being able to write a cheque, it is about being able to touch someone’s life in a positive way. Our job at Mounties Group is to make a positive difference in the lives of our members and ensure that we are able to continue to do so for decades ahead."

A lifetime of service to our local community has culminated in Kevin Ingram being the President of Mounties Group. From his career teaching local children how to swim, to dedicating over 30 years mentoring local children to play Rugby League, and now with 40 years on the Board of Mounties Group, Kevin is passionate about making our local community a better place for people to live and grow.

Under Kevin’s leadership, Mounties has grown from a simple Club of just over 12,000 members to become Australia’s largest profit for purpose Registered Club.

A Group of clubs that donates millions of dollars annually to the community and creates a community hub for many people to enjoy each year including its 160,000 members.

As a life member of Mounties, Parramatta Junior Rugby League, Parramatta District Rugby League as well as Mounties Lawn Bowls, Kevin continues to serve as our delegate to the Leagues Club Association, Clubs NSW and RSL Services Clubs Association, as well as a member of all sub committees. He has held the position of President of Mounties since 2003 and acts as the mentor to our Board and CEO to ensure we always remember why our Club was founded, why it exists and the importance it plays in the lives of our members.

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